Lice Information

Lice Information

Lice are actually a lot harder to transmit than most people think.  They can’t hop, jump or fly.  Almost all lice transmission occurs through CLOSE HAIR TO HAIR CONTACT.  This occurs when kids touch heads, share hats, hairbrushes, have sleepovers or share beds. 

Lice is a major nuisance and they are common to school-age children.  However, they are not a public hazard, do not carry disease and does not represent uncleanliness.  Every weekend, the schools are lice free as lice cannot survive more than 48 hrs. away from the scalp.   It is a good idea to check your child’s hair every weekend and to treat them with over the counter pediculocides that kill lice and nits.  Please see your medical provider if the OTC pediculocide do not work.  Studies show that by the time the nurse finds lice in the classroom, the students have had them already for 30 days!

Many of us remember the days when the  nurse went from room to room checking kid’s heads for lice. We don’t do that anymore because current studies found that classroom checks are not effective in finding kids with lice.  Instead, teachers can discreetly send children to the nurse when they are noted to be scratching their heads excessively. 

Today when a child is identified with lice, the parent is called and requested to pick their child up from school at the end of the school day.  The student may return when there are no live lice.  Students must check in with the nurse or designee upon arriving back at school to verify the absence of live lice before going to class.

For at least two to three weeks after live lice are found, please continue to check heads daily.  Removing nits (eggs)

Every day with a nit comb is one of the most effective step in preventing more live lice.  The nurse will also remove nits

At school when available on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Thank you,

Yolanda Ifflander RN, BSN

School Nurse

Seward MS, HS, Moose Pass, Cooper Landing, and Hope

(907)224-9018 SMS; 224-9088 SHS


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