8th Grade Year End Event

Dear Parents and Students,

8th graders are invited to attend an end of the year lock in at Seward Middle School.  There is a $5 fee for this event, and participating 8th graders will need appropriate overnight gear.  We will need enough chaperones to provide a safe, fun experience.  All interested chaperones will need to complete the volunteer paperwork on the district website.  Signing up to be a volunteer takes less than 8min, and the link to the online application can be found here:


Also, please sign-up if you would like to chaperone through the Sign-Up Genius link provided:


The Seward Middle lock-in is open to 8th graders only, and will consist of a bonfire, food, fun, and games.  There will be a bonfire down by the softball fields, and movies and games in the building.  Dinner and breakfast will be provided by Mr. Rothenberger.



                7:45am Store personal belongings for overnight on stage

                2:30 8th Grade set up camp in the gym—tents a must J

                3:00 Softball and flag football down at the ball fields

                5:30 Dinner and bonfire down at the ball fields

                6:30-10:00 Bonfire and games—movies and games between field and school

                10:00 Bed down


                7:00am Breakfast

                7:30am Store personal belongings on stage.

                7:50am Begin last day of school

Equipment and Supplies

                ***Coat and hat—it may get cold on the field even with a fire

                ***Sleeping bag and sleeping pad

                ***Tent—though not required

                ***Change of clothes

                ***Toothbrush and personal items

 Group Supplies:

                Split Firewood (bundled)

                Rakes, shovels and gloves

 Meals and Snacks:

                Dinner on Tuesday evening, and breakfast on Wednesday morning will be provided.  Please let Mr. Rothenberger know if you have any dietary restrictions.  Snacks and drinks are allowed, though not provided.

 Important Notes:

If you child is wanting the to attend graduation at Seward High School they will be allowed to participate in the 8th grade lock-in.

                Males and females will be assigned to separate sleeping quarters.  All eighth graders are welcome to attend, and all other visiting students will be asked to go elsewhere.  We hope to make this overnight a tradition at the end of each year, and wish to do more overnights in the years to come!  If you have any questions or comments, please give me a call on my direct line 224-9025, or drop me a line at arothenberger@kpbsd.orgIt is important that we reach a volunteer chaperone threshold of 10 in order to make this trip possible.  Thank you for your help! 

 Best Wishes!



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