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May Message

April and May are the busiest times of year at Seward Middle. Please take a look at our calendar for specific events on the horizon, and here are a few worth noting:

  • May 3—Early release at 12:50
  • May 5—Nikiski Invitational
  • May 5—6th Grade Orientation visit
  • May 5—Guitars concert at the high school
  • May 9—Borough Prelims at Kenai
  • May 13—Borough finals at SOHI
  • May 16—Music in the auditorium at 1:40
  • May 18—Drama in the auditorium at 1:40
  • May 23—8th Grade Overnight at Tonsina
  • May 24—End of year picnic at Lowell Point Beach

Marathon Helicopters has partnered with Seward Middle School this year and has volunteered to supply all students with perfect attendance a trip up mount marathon in their helicopter. As of today, there are three students with perfect attendance, and seven others with nearly perfect attendance (one day missed or less).  We will announce the winners of the trip in a few days.  Winners are welcome to take one or two others of their choice up the mountain.

8th graders are invited to participate in an overnight adventure to Tonsina Point the night of May 23.  We will also have a chance to participate in the end-of-year BBQ with the rest of the school at Lowell Point on the 24th.  Look for more information to come in a letter; and Mr. R. is always looking for parents and volunteers to help out and cook.  It should be a blast!  And, what better way to end the year and transition to the next!

Thank you to all for your help, support and encouragement these last two years! Working with your children at Seward Middle has been a joy, and an experience I will look back on with great happiness and satisfaction.  Seward is an amazing place to live and experience, and it’s the people that make it so!  See you around this summer!



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