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Student Activities

SLT kicked things off in November with a Penny Wars competition that brought in over $750 in loose change. The class competition challenged grade level and staff categories where pennies counted as points, and silver and paper counted against.  It was a hard fought battle with the 6th grade clearly in the lead based on tonnage.  However, upon further inspection, SLT found many high value silver pieces, and over $100 in paper currency within the 6th grade jug alone.  And who put that $100 bill in the staff container?  With only 25% of donations accounted for, anything goes at this point, and every grade level has a shot.  The winning class will receive a root beer float party at Mr. Rothenberger’s expense.  Next up, Elves Unleashed.

Basketball is wrapping up their season with a final tournament game against Skyview 8 on December 9 at home. We have been fortunate to have so many home games this year.  Seward will also host the borough championships on Saturday, December 17, beginning at 10am.  Based on how we’ve been playing, our boys team has a great shot at bringing home the biggest trophy this year.  Their hard work, and practice during the summer months has definitely paid off!

New Hires

Walter Kloepfer has recently been hired as our new special education teacher, as Logan Schulz’s long term sub contract has come to a close. Mr. Kloepfer recently retired out of Homer High School in 2016.  He also retired out of the military before the start of his teaching career.

I am also excited to announce the hire of Kalani Woodlock, as our new special education aide. We are happy to have both Mr. Kloepfer and Ms. Woodlock as new additions to our resource team.  Welcome aboard!


On Thursday, December 1 at 10:24, students and staff of Seward Middle School will participate in an emergency intruder drill. The goal of this event is to coordinate with local emergency services, and train ourselves in procedure in the event of this type of emergency.  We plan to accomplish this goal by:

  • Talking and thinking through different emergency responses from the ALICE protocols in ways that are appropriate to the students’ developmental levels, given various locations in the building and the location of the threat.
  • Engaging staff and students in rehearsing different responses during an emergency using ALICE protocols.
  • Engaging students and families in rehearsing an evacuation and partial dismissal from the alternate gathering point (Seward baseball fields). (During an actual event, the Safeway parking area will serve as our gathering point).


Student Behavior

Lastly, I’d like to take a moment and celebrate our students. We’ve got a wonderful group of students here who are thoughtful, respectful, and full of spirit!  Normally before a break, like the week of Thanksgiving, a principal will see a few office referrals for squirrely behavior, mostly due to an irregular work week.  I didn’t see a single one last week, which illustrates our positive groove, and great wave!

Have a safe and restful break this holiday season, and enjoy your family!

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