Emergency Intruder Drill Scheduled for Thursday, 12/1

November 29, 2016

RE: Emergency Intruder Drill and ALICE Protocols

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

On Thursday, December 1 at 10:24, students and staff of Seward Middle School will participate in an emergency intruder drill. The goal of this event is to coordinate with local emergency services, and train ourselves in procedure in the event of this type of emergency. We plan to accomplish this goal by:

 Talking and thinking through different emergency responses from the ALICE protocols in ways that are appropriate to the students’ developmental levels, given various locations in the building and the location of the threat.

 Engaging staff and students in rehearsing different responses during an emergency using ALICE protocols.

 Engaging students and families in rehearsing an evacuation and partial dismissal from the alternate gathering point (Seward baseball fields). (During an actual event, the Safeway parking area will serve as our gathering point).

The drill will be conducted as follows:

1) At 10:24 Mr. Rothenberger will announce an emergency intruder drill will take place over the course of the next 10 minutes.

2) Rothenberger will announce the location of the fake intruder, and the classroom teacher will make a decision about what to do, including when and how the class should evacuate the building.

3) As Rothenberger announces changes in the fake intruder’s location, teachers and students will make decisions about what to do, including barricading or evacuation.

4) These announcements will continue until all students and teachers evacuate.

5) Students and teachers will head to the ball fields (alternate evacuation area), and adequate adult supervision will follow.

6) All students will be accounted for per classroom, and staff will develop a safe perimeter and staging area for parent/guardian pickup.

7) Students and teachers will return to school, followed by debrief and reflection.

Following the drill, faculty, staff, and emergency response will debrief, and reflect on the following questions:

 What went well?

 What problems did staff or students encounter?

 Are there simple fixes we can consider in improving our response?

 Are there bigger issues that need attention?

Our priority at Seward Middle is to partner with local emergency services in order to keep your child, and all the folks who work in the building safe! If you have any questions about the ALICE protocols, or would like to comment, please stop in the office, or give me a call 224-9025.


Andy Rothenberger, Principal

Seward Middle School

Moose Pass School


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